The Gluten Dilemma

What is so bad about gluten? Wheat has been a stable of many societies for hundreds of years and people did not get sick eating it. As a kid I enjoyed fresh hot bread my mother and grandmother made not to mention homemade cakes and pastries. I loved them, I ate them, I was fine! I particularly enjoyed all the holiday treats!! I remember the house full of baked goods, the aroma al, over the house. Not anymore. I’m gluten intolerant and eating wheat and gluten makes me sick. I’m not the only one, an increasing number of people are either sensitive or allergic to gluten and many have full blown celiac disease.
WHAT HAPPENED? Well genetic engineered (GE) and genetically modified (GMO) foods that’s what happened. The digestive system of many cannot digest GE or GMO foods and about 90% of the wheat produced in the United States is GE or GMO.
Eating gluten can lead to Celiac disease, leaky gut, autoimmune diseases, depression, headaches and skin problems to mention just a few of about 150 health conditions that can be caused by gluten.

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