Gua-Sha is a scraping technique using smooth edged tools and oils to move stagnation out of the body, by intentionally causing the Sha or rash to the surface. The radical for Gua means to ‘scrape or scratch’ and that for Sha means ‘reddish elevated, millet-like skin rashes’. The Sha has sand like texture and the color is most often dark red but it can also be light red, purple or blue.

Gua-sha is very effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes, all types of headaches and migraines, common cold and flu, upper respiratory infections, asthma, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bell’s Palsy, disorders of the digestive system, menstrual irregularities, fibroids, impotence and hemorrhoids.

A very light form of Gua-Sha can also be applied to the face for facial enhancement.

Tools for Gua-Sha are usually Chinese soup spoons, coins, smooth rectangular or half moon slice of buffalo horn especially made for Gua Sha and metal lids with rounded lips.