Moxibustion is a technique we use in chinese medicine that involves the burning of moxa, a herbaceous perennial known as Mugwort, with a strong fragrance that is very common in France.

According to the Ling Shu, chapter 73 (an ancient Chinese medicine text): if a condition does not respond to needling it should be treated with moxa.

With the appropriate presentation, Moxibustion can be helpful in the treatment of abdominal pain, acute and chronic diarrhea, pain syndromes, muscular atrophy, asthma, dysmenorrhea, sexual dysfunction, prolapses and malposition of the fetus.

Indirect Moxibustion

The moxa does not come in contact with the skin.
Moxa on sliced garlic or ginger
Moxa stick or roll or cigar (Ming dynasty).
The moxa stick is held over the acupuncture point or area to be treated.

Warming needle

After inserting the needle, moxa shaped in small balls is placed over the handle.

Direct Moxibustion

The moxa is shaped in cones or in the Japanese technique threads or rice grains and placed directly on the skin.
To avoid burning the skin we first apply Chinese burn cream to the skin and the cones are removed when about 2/3 have been burned or before the patient starts to feel burning.