“How long are the visits?”

The first visit is a little long, 11/2-2 hours. I need that time to properly evaluate you and come up with a treatment plan just for you. Consecutive visits are usually an hour long Facial Rejuvenation sessions are about half an hour longer.

“Does acupuncture hurt?”

No acupuncture does not hurt, but you may experience a strong Qi sensation which many perceive as pain.People on certain medications like corticosteroids may experience discomfort or mild pain.When the needles are placed you may feel a little pinch like sensation or nothing at all.During the treatment you may experience any or a combination of the following which are normal responses and go away after the needles are removed: heaviness, numbness, tingling, heat, involuntary movement, a sense of becoming one with the table or a light floating feeling.

“Are the needles used more than one time?”

No acupuncture needles are sterile disposable, one use only. After they are removed from the body they go in a biohazard container and disposed of as medical waste.

“How will I feel after an acupuncture session?”

Most people go  into a very deep state of relaxation and often fall asleep during a treatment, and often feel energized and with a general feeling of well being.[/toggle]

“Does insurance cover acupuncture?”

Some plans do cover acupuncture, and I am an out of network provider with United/Oxford, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna. Medicare does not cover acupuncture. If you are not sure about your coverage we will be happy to check that for you.

“How many treatments will I need?”

That depends on the severity of your condition, how long you had it, and your response to treatment.

“What should I expect when I come for a facial rejuvenation session?”

Expect your first session to be on the long side about 2-21/2 hours long as a proper evaluation of your overall health, skin and face is essential for optimal treatment outcomes.

Your face will be cleaned with an organic cleanser and needles will first be placed on the body to address internal disharmonies that affect your skin and face and ground your energy. Then needles will be placed strategically on the face to tone facial muscles and reduce redness, puffiness, sagging, wrinkles and skin discoloration. A customized facial mask is used after needle removal and your session ends with a relaxing facial massage using organic oils or organic facial moisturizer.