“Over the past few years, Chrysso Neophytou-Tsimis has become a guiding force and an indispensable part of my health-care regime. Her knowledge and skill in acupuncture and Chinese herbs has relieved such diverse symptoms for me as allergies, backache, fatigue, knee and ankle injuries. But beyond that, her attentive and caring nature, encyclopedic knowledge, and holistic approach have been invaluable to me in maintaining wellness.”


Cori Ellison Dramaturg, New York City Opera

“As a licensed psychoanalyst, I am someone who uses talking as a main way to understand herself and others – and so, it came as a great surprise to find acupuncture to be such a powerful and useful tool to understand and find ‘healing ‘. I have found Chrysso’s use of acupuncture, including the use of it as a facial, to be a very important way to sustain physical and emotional balance during an extended period of trauma and stress. I seemed to be able to achieve periods of deep relaxation in which I could ‘repair’ not only facial lines which seemed to mirror my emotional states, but also ‘repaired’ my physical and emotional health and balance. I am so very appreciative.”


A.F. Manhattan

“I went to Chrysso for the facial acupuncture and I have to say that I really feel that it made a difference. But besides that, each session was so completely relaxing…more relaxing than a full body massage. It is well worth the time and money. Chrysso is very gifted”



Chrysso is a highly skilled practitioner whose deeply caring manner and healing expertise have changed my life. I have been struggling with insomnia and digestive issues for over 20 years and have seen numerous specialists to no avail. By the time I saw Chrysso, I had reached a crisis point. I could no longer without sedatives and felt sick after every meal. However, in the 6 months that I have been working with her, Chrysso has been able to turn around both issues. I no longer take sleeping pills (which even shocked my doctor) and my digestive health continues to get better and better. I’m very grateful to Chrysso and recommend her enthusiastically.

Patricia, Manhattan

“Chrysso is energetic, compassionate and knowledgeable. Her manner is confident and reassuring. She consistently listens with great attentiveness and sensitivity. After seeing her I feel restored, and that all of my concerns have been addressed. I trust her completely.”

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